Periodontal Therapy

Unlock Your Best Smile with Periodontal Maintenance in Orleans, LA at Campo Dentistry

Don't let gum disease rob you of your smile's brilliance. Here at Campo Dentistry, we specialize in Periodontal Maintenance to keep your gums and teeth in optimal health. Located in Orleans, LA and serving the surrounding locations such as the French Quarter, Warehouse District, and more, our dedicated team led by Dr. James Campo is passionate about providing you with the care you deserve. Enjoy the benefits of fresher breath, a brighter smile, and most importantly‚ÄĒpeace of mind.

What Is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a vital treatment option designed to manage mild to moderate gum disease effectively. So, what causes periodontal disease? A common dental disorder, gum disease occurs when bacteria build up in pockets between the gums and teeth, causing them to separate. Regular deep cleanings prevent the bacteria from flourishing, thereby averting further damage. Think of it as a rigorous upkeep that your gums will thank you for.

Why Is Periodontal Maintenance Essential?

You might wonder, "Is periodontal disease curable?" While gum disease is not entirely reversible, its impact can be substantially mitigated. Periodontal maintenance in Orleans, LA, at Campo Dentistry involves deeper dental cleanings to remove plaque and bacteria both above and below the gum line. This proactive approach aims to prevent complications of periodontal disease, such as tooth loss and bone degradation.

Who Should Consider Periodontal Maintenance?

If you're experiencing symptoms like bad breath, red or swollen gums, you may be asking, "How do dentists diagnose periodontal disease?" An in-office examination accompanied by a series of x-rays at Campo Dentistry is the first step to evaluate the level of your gum disease. We cater to diverse neighborhoods from Faubourg Marigny to Treme, helping you figure out whether you are a suitable candidate for periodontal maintenance.

What Happens During a Periodontal Maintenance Session?

Is periodontal disease contagious? While it's not contagious in the traditional sense, untreated gum disease can worsen, affecting your overall oral health. During a periodontal maintenance session, we start by administering local anesthesia to ensure a comfortable experience. Specialized tools, known as scalers, are employed to clean above and below the gum line effectively. Root planing helps the gums to reattach, reducing the depth of the pockets between gums and teeth.

How Can You Benefit from Periodontal Maintenance?

Are you aware of the areas we serve beyond Orleans, LA? Residents from the Central Business District (CBD) to Bywater can conveniently reach our practice to benefit from expert periodontal maintenance. Regular deep cleanings, roughly every three months or as advised by Dr. James Campo, are instrumental in keeping periodontal disease in check and ensuring long-term oral health.

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