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Restore Your Smile & Your Confidence

Losing your natural teeth can be emotionally discouraging, and it can also present a number of physical difficulties. Address problems such as altered speech or inability to chew through the use of dentures. These removable false teeth provide you with a restored smile and a return to function. Meet with our New Orleans dentist at James A. Campo, DDS for an exam and to find out if dentures are a good fit for your grin.

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The Benefits of a New Set of Teeth

We can design either a partial or a full set of dentures to fill gaps and replace your missing teeth. These dentures, when properly cared for, can last upwards of ten years. Recently, denture design has improved in comfort and functionality. If properly fit to your bite, dentures are unlikely to slip around, can be snug and secure, and should cause no discomfort even when chewing or talking.

We can improve potential slipping and overall comfort of dentures through other techniques:

  • Soft liners, which are less irritating to sensitive gum lines and make dentures easier to wear
  • Adjusting, or relining, your dentures to make sure they remain a good fit as your mouth changes
  • Careful coaching on proper maintenance, since good care can improve their stability

Dr. James A. Campo is also highly experienced with implant-retained or implant-supported dentures, which is a type of denture that is attached to dental implants. These types of dentures are most commonly made for the lower jaw, and are typically more comfortable than traditional dentures. They can also help prevent further bone loss and will help maintain your natural facial structure.

Signs Your Dentures Need Adjusting

Although dentures can last more than a decade, we do recommend replacing them earlier to prevent a build-up of bacteria in their porous surfaces. Regular brushing, as well as taking them out at night to soak them in an approved denture fluid can go a long way to extending the lifespan of your dentures and saving you from embarrassing bad breath and gum-irritating bacteria. Certain telltale signs can alert you to a problem with your dentures. Sudden and frequent headaches or earaches can signal either a bad denture fit or exposure to a build-up of bacteria. You may also notice if your dentures are slipping more than usual.

If you notice any these issues with your dentures, our New Orleans dentist can inspect and adjust your set. Call James A. Campo, DDS at (504) 264-6046 right away.

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  • James A. Campo, DDS In one word, SUPERB! I always feel that I am in good hands with this practice.
  • James A. Campo, DDS Dr. Campo and his entire office is great.
  • James A. Campo, DDS As always, the staff were friendly, competent, and efficient. Thank you!
  • James A. Campo, DDS Friendly, Efficient, and Highly Skilled
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